About The Low Carbon Fund

Awareness of the need to tackle climate change, reduce carbon emissions and secure sustainable local energy supplies has grown rapidly over the past few years.

Communities in Cornwall and the South West are driving a demand for local ownership of low carbon assets that have the capacity to generate revenues that can be retained locally and used to support and finance the roll out of all types of low carbon related activities and the development of a local low carbon economy.

These sustainable community developments can also secure direct financial support through the creation of community development funds on larger scale commercial renewable energy developments.

The development of renewable energy schemes in Cornwall and Cornwall Council’s position in relation to community benefit funds from these developments has placed both an opportunity and a burden on local communities.

It is important to ensure that at the development stage of a renewable energy project, a secure route for any funds is agreed between the developer, planning department and community representative, to maximise their use and value in the local area.

The Low Carbon Fund is an Industrial & Provident society (IP 030639) that will hold a ring fenced pot of funds for the benefit of communities hosting low carbon technologies.

Residents from the local area will direct and allocate the funds, which will be used in co-ordination with developed skills and local resources to initiate and facilitate additional low carbon initiatives and locally prioritised activities.