Using The Fund

Using the Low Carbon Fund

There are several different ways in which the Low Carbon Fund can assist you:

  1. Financial management
    The Low Carbon Fund will ensure the correct contractual agreements are put in place between the developer and the local community. These agreements will also be adapted to ensure they meet any planning conditions related to the creation of a community benefit fund.
    The Low Carbon Fund will receive and administer the funds covering legal, accounting and administrative functions. This will enable the maximisation of remaining funds available to the community for allocation.The costs of this service will be shared pro rata between participating communities.
  2. Financial management and training
    In addition to financial management, the Low Carbon Fund will provide training to establish appropriate local governance and priorities, and policies and mechanisms for allocation of funds.As above, costs of financial management will be shared pro rata between participating communities. Training provision and associated costs will relate directly to each groups current skills, capacities and needs.
  3. Financial management, developing and managing the local application process.
    In addition to financial management the Low Carbon Fund can create, market, and manage the local grant allocation process.Financial management costs will be shared pro rata across participating communities. Costs of developing and managing the application process will relate directly to the number of funding rounds delivered and the level of funding allocation available.

The Low Carbon Fund is part of a three pronged approach to delivering and supporting sustainable community energy in Cornwall, which is made up of:

  • Community Power Cornwall, a development body supporting communities to progress renewable energy and low carbon proposals.
  • The Low Carbon Society, which operates a revolving loan fund to provide financial support to emerging community energy initiatives in the Cornwall.
  • The Low Carbon Fund, which can manage these local funds in partnership with local communities.

The lead partners in this development process are Community Energy Plus (, who have worked with Cornish communities for over 15 years, and are experts on community engagement and renewable energy, and Kabin, the Co-operative development body for Cornwall (