The Sheers Barton Wind Turbine Community Fund

The owners of the Sheers Barton wind turbine are committed to contributing £10,000 each year to a community benefit fund for good causes local to the turbine for 20 years. The annual contribution will be linked with inflation by reference to the Retail Price Index (RPI) and so will grow with inflation.
Projects will be considered that can offer social, environmental or economic benefits or ideally all three.

The Fund will allow applications for grants up to a maximum of £10,000 each year. The grant allocation committee will meet once a year to consider applications.

The type of applications we would look favourably at include:
• Supporting community facilities
• Providing new community services
• Improving access
• Creating/improving outdoor spaces
• Sport and recreation
• Education and training
• Supporting and establishing community action and enterprise
• Increasing energy security and sustainability
• Decreasing carbon emissions and reducing energy demand
• Supporting the local economy
• Improving local money flows

This list is not intended to be exclusive and should act as a guide.

Project Purpose:
The fund is open to any community project which is for the benefit of residents of the local area. This fund can provide both capital and revenue grants.

Project locations:
Projects for which grants are requested must be located in the locality of Lawhitton Parish. (Refer to area plan below).

Sheers Barton Community Fund Area-web

Eligible Applicants:
The fund welcomes applications from:
• Charities / voluntary, community groups
• Town and Parish Council
• Schools and educational establishments
• Social enterprises (including credit unions, co-operatives, social firms, community owned enterprises, community interest companies and development trusts).
• Individuals in the target area (see map below)

Organisations applying need to have a written constitution, a set of rules, or a governing document and will need to have a bank or building society account with a minimum of two signatories in place before applying for a grant.

Exclusions – Grants will not be available for:
• Projects that support a party political campaign or cause.
• Retrospective funding, i.e. projects that have already been completed, whether or not already paid for.

Judging Criteria:
The main criteria used when assessing applications received will be:
• The social, economic and environmental benefits which will result from the project.

Other factors will also be considered which must be demonstrated in the application:
• The ability of the applicant to deliver the project.
• How the work will be continued after the project has been completed i.e. its sustainability and legacy.
• Value for money.
• Measurable carbon reduction
• Measurable contribution to local money flows

Application Process

Download an application form here
Download the guidance on making an application here.

The Sheers Barton Wind Turbing Community Fund is currently open for applications until 31st October 2016.

Completed applications should be returned to: The Low Carbon Fund, C/O Community Energy Plus, 35 River Street, Truro, Cornwall, TR1 2SJ or email

If you have any questions about making an application, please contact Neil Farrington on 07976 490953.

The judging panel will meet once a year, to determine applications. The frequency of meetings can be varied at the discretion of members of the judging panel.